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Baby Tiger, the big star of 2010.


5,800 Nexon Cash


Note: Your commands must be capitalized as shown below or they will not work.

Pet Level 1~30

  • Hungry? | Food?
  • Don’t! | No | Scold | Stop it!
  • Poo | Poop | Focus
  • Sleep | Sleepy | Doze | Tired
  • Go away | Stupid
  • Growl | Angry
  • What’s this? | Curious?
  • Say something! | Tell something! | Sing something!

Note: The Baby Tiger pet trainer's book lists "Don't" rather than "Don't!". You must use the exclamation point with this command however, or it will not work. Also, the "Growl" command is listed in the book, but it appears to be non-functional no matter what variations I've tried. I've listed it here above anyway just in case.

Pet Level 15~30

  • Good | Impressive | Proud
  • Love you | Like you | Honey
  • When the pet reaches level 15, you can make it talk! (i.e. /pet [insert what you want your pet to say here])


  • Baby Tiger loves to eat Golden Drumstick (Purchased in the cash shop for 1,000 Nexon Cash).