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Avoidability is not necessarily one of the most important stats in the game, but many it often compensates for low HP or low MP in a class. In the case of Thief, Magician and Bowman, as they are often add more points into DEX or LUK, while Warrior on the other hand have much greater Health Points instead.


  • Avoidability determines if an attack from a monster will hit you.

Gaining Avoidability

  • For the most part, Avoidability is incresased by adding Ability Points to LUK and DEX. They add ≈.4939 and ≈.23614 avoid respectively.
  • Using skills that provide Avoidablilty
    • Bless (+20 Avoidablilty at Max) (Active)
    • Nimble Body (+20 Avoidablilty at Max) (Passive)
    • Focus (Active) (+20 Avoidablilty at Max) (Active)
    • Bullet Time (Passive) (+20 Avoidablilty at Max) (Passive)
  • Using equipments that increase Avoidability/Luck/Dexterity. A notable one is the Old Raggedy Cape. * * Using scrolls that add Avoidability/Luck/Dexterity.
  • Dexterity Potions and Dexterity Pills do NOT add Dexterity. They add Avoidability.