Arwen and the Glass Shoe

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  • Level : 25

Items Required


  1. Talk to Arwen in Ellinia to get the quest.
  2. Pick the option : "I heard you lost a pair of shoes..."
  3. Hunt Fire Boars which drop Arwen's Glass Shoes. Be warned that this might take a while, so have a lot of patience.
  4. Return Arwen's Glass Shoes to Arwen. Quest complete!


You will get one of these:

In addition you will also get

  • 1500 experience


  • Repeatable. You can farm several shoe's at once and turn them all in one-by-one for 1500xp each.
  • This item is not as rare as it was before the Big Bang Patch.
  • This is a very rare drop, this quest (Arwen and the Glass Shoe) is not recommended unless you need a Piece of Ice or a Fairy's Wing and cannot find it in the FM. On the other hand, you do not have to have the quest activated for this item to drop, so if you want to just train on Fire Boars, if/when one drops you can go initiate and complete the quest.
  • This quest is similar to Building a house for Blackbull, in which you need to find a rare item(Blackbull's deed to the land) that takes a long time.
  • User:Edatron found it killing a Ligator after the downloading the new MaplePatch on 4/07/08 but apparently it is not the one Arwen is looking for. That glass shoe is for another quest, not this quest.
  • I got this on my 1st normal boar kill when i was questing in Perion, yes that's right, normal boars. Land of Wild Boar I
  • Random drop rate. (Don't think after you kill 500, you get it). I was lucky (Got it after 4 kills).

Markus102's Tips for hunting Arwen's Glass Shoes

Tip #1. Hunt with friends in a party. It tends to drop faster the more people in the party with you.

Tip #2. Use the family entitlement: 2X Party Drop Rate. I found 2 shoes in 4 hours while in a big party.

Tip #3. Have patience. If you plan to hunt alone, do another quest while doing this one, or train while doing this quest, or even plan on hunting fire boar cards while doing this quest.

Tip #4. Ask your high level friends to help you. High level skills tend to kill/spawn fire boars faster than low level ones.

Tip #5. Recommended map to hunt the shoes on is The Burnt Land I.


  • Try doing quest with double drop.
  • Having a high level friend kill the Fire Boar will take a much shorter time.
  • The Burnt Land I has a higher chance of glass shoe drops.
  • This quest is not for the Lazy or Bored Easily. It can take from 3 hours of hunting to 3 days of hunting. Have will drop..and has been confirmed to drop by User: Markus102.
  • I got The Shoes, Right The way on The Burnt Land I using the Double Drop two Times and cost me 25 Minuts. Confirmed User:FMAlchemist lvl 82
  • Confirmed: having a 2x drop card (bought from the cash shop) really helps to get the glass shoes right away. (User: Danaerys282 lvl 36 - got glass shoes within 15 minutes in Burnt Land I)