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Species  ?
Level 170
XP gained 50,000,000
HP 2,100,000,000
MP 15,000,000
Attack Stats
W. Attack
M. Attack
Defense Stats

W. Defense
M. Defense
Other stats
Knockback                65,535
Speed                -40
Jump                0
Continent Missing - please add!
Area Missing - please add!


Arkarium is a major boss that has been added in the Legend Update in KMS and in GMS. He seems to be linked to the Demon Slayer, as he was seen in the storyline. He is, apparently, a VERY deadly boss, having HP as high as Pink Bean. He is a boss that can only be taken on alone and is very powerful, his attacks do massive damage and his is very hard to kill even for a KMS player. His attacks seem to be related to Evan which is most likely due to his dragon that he controls. His has one INSANELY powerful attack that is a one hit KO that covers the entire screen making it unavoidable. Another one of his moves is that he summons 3 Netherworld Monks to fight with him when his HP is lowered.


  • Please note that the above stats are UNOFFICIAL and will most likely change when the Legend Update is released in GMS.
  • If you die you are teleported to the front of the entrance which allows you continue fighting him without losing any of your progress.