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Ardentmill is the home of the Professions, MapleStory's crafting system.

To get to Ardentmill, look for the portal located in every town in MapleWorld.


Crafting requires tools that can only be found in Ardentmill. All can be found on the lower level near the NPC with the matching profession.

  • Herbalists must be near the Herb Boiling Pot to refine flowers and seeds.
  • Miners must be near the Mineral Separator to refine metal, jewel, and crystal ores.
  • Accessory crafters must be near the Jewel Crafting Machine in order to make their accessories.
  • Smiths must be near the Large Forge in order to make equipment.
  • Alchemists must be near Alchemy Book in order to create potions and pills. They can also use the book to extract item crystals from equipment without the use of an Extractor.

Note that item extraction can be done by any Profession anywhere as long as there is an Extractor.


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Another stuff

Like in Perion, someone got a record[1] of the Black cat of Ardentmill. There are not many videoes, but it is still a myth.