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Nexons infamous quote "We feel that it was best for the business [insert bs here]" ceo is pretty ugly to as seen here DanielKim.jpg

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BtMercedes KR.png

This is one of the gayest Hero classes revealed in KMST. Mercedes benz was one of the cars that the Black Mage, looked at along with AransPenis, EvansGenitals with his rider Freed's Balls, and 2 others. Mercedes Benz is an car, who used Dual horse power. When it was finally made, the world of Maple will have a new penis to ride with, and a new pair of balls to aid them in their fight against Nexon! Mercedes resides in a town called Eurel, which is home to her fellow Elves.

Skills - Beginner

File:Elf's Re.png Elf's Penis

Description: Using the power of nature and its purified energy to grow your penis continually.
Master Level: 3

  • Level 3: MP Cost: ?, Recovers 10% of your Sperm cells every 10 seconds.

Updraft.png Stylish Butthole

Description: Quickly move up a ladder or rope. Key combination: ↑ + jump.
Master Level: 1

File:Penis Mastery.png Penis Mastery

Description: Permanently increase your stamina and length, Increases width, and provides a fixed chance to spooge on enemies.
Master Level: 3

  • Level 3: MP Cost: ?, Attacking Speed: +1, Speed: +10, Jump: +20

Elven Blessing.png Elf's Vagina

Description: With the blessing of the ancient elves, you can now stretch a vagina with your asian penis and permanently gain 10% sex experience .
Master Level: 3

  • Level 3: Returning to Eurel gives 10% Experience, Cooldown: 1800 sec

Skills - First Job

Swift Dual Shot.png Speed DualSperm

Description: Shoots sperm all over many enemies in front of you.
Master Level: 20

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 14, Damage: 115% x 2, Max Monsters Hit: 3

Potential Power.png Potential Life

Description: Permanently increase ugliness provides a 5% chance of being attractive to girls .
Master Level: 10

  • Level ^: Speed: +30, Maximum Speed: 165, Evasion Rate: +20%

Glide Blast.png Acrobatic Jump

Description: While in mid-air, jump again to glide forward. on a dildo.
Master Level: 10

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 10, Glide fixed distance

Sharp Aim.png Sharp Aiming

Description: Permanently increases your aim when trying to have sex has a 90% chance of poking the wrong hole.
Master Level: 20

  • Level ^: Critical Rate: +40%

Skills - Second Job

Piercing Storm.png Cross Dressing

Description: Use the force of nature to repeatedly convince males that you are a women in need of a mans touch.
Master Level: 20

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 24, Damage: 83% x 2, Max Monsters Hit: 6

Rising Rush.png Charge Drive

Description: Rams your penis into enemies.
Master Level: 15

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 25, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Rushing Damage: 130%, Tossing Damage: 210%, Extra Damage to Airborne Enemies: 30%

Dual Bowguns Booster.png Penis Booster

Description: Using Exercise, increases the stroking speed of your penis.
Master Level: 20

  • Level ^: MP Cost: MP Cost: 11, Duration: 200 sec

File:Soul Purify.png Soul Purify

Description: tell people your christian.
Master Level: 15

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 45, Duration: 180 sec, Recovers 5% of Damage dealt as HP

Parting Shot.png Final Shot

Description: Get a girl pregnant. Prerequisite: Charge Drive Level 1.
Master Level: 5

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 16, Damage: 75% x 4, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Extra damage to Airborne Enemies: 20%

Dual Bowguns Mastery.png Stroke game Mastery

Description: Increases the stroking power of a penis.
Master Level: 20

  • Level ^: +50%, Accuracy: +120

Final Attack.gif Final Attack: Penis

Description: Grants a chance to deal additional strokes after cumming.

Mastery Level 3.

Master Level: 20

  • Level ^: Proc Rate: 40%, Damage: 150%

Physical Training.png Physical Training

Description: Permanently increases virgin urges.
Master Level: 20

  • Level ^: Strength: +30, Dexterity: +30

Skills - Third Job

Stunning Strikes.png Strike Dualshot

Description: Shoot extremely fast arrows at multiple targets in front of you, with a chance of stunning them.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 126% x 4, Max Monsters Hit: 4, Stun Chance: 80%, Stun Duration: 6 sec

Leap Tornado.png Leap Tornado

Description: While jumping, rotate your body while randomly shoot arrows in every direction. Requires at least 120 Jump to activate, and can only be used in mid-air.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 45, Damage: 135% x 4, Max Monsters Hit: 8

Unicorn Spike.png Unicorn Spike

Description: Summon a holy unicorn to attack enemies in front of you. Enemies hit will suffer a Weakening effect, increasing damage dealt on the monster by all party members.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 62, Damage: 150% x 5, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Weakening Chance: 95%, Duration: 15 sec, Damage Increase: 15%, Maximum Number of Attacks Affected: 10

Gust Dive.png Gust Dive

Description: Use the power of wind to quickly dive downwards from the air, attacking monsters in range. Weakened monsters will take extra damage. Requires at least 120% Jump.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 45, Damage: 190% x 3, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Extra Damage to Weakened Monsters: 20%

Ignis Roar.png Ignis Lore

Description: Permanently increases chance to evade enemy attacks. Using the power of the fire spirit, increase your attack.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: Passive Effect: Evasion Rate: +20%

Active Effect: MP Cost: 60, Weapon Attack, Duration: 180sec, +40

Water Shield.png Water Shield

Description: Borrow the power of the water spirit to create a barrier for yourself. Absorbs a certain amount of damage, as well as providing resistance towards Status Effects and all Elements.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 100, Damage Absorbed: 30%, Status Effect and Element Resistance: +25%, Duration: 180 sec

Lightning Flare.png Lightning Flare

Description: Attack with a strong electrical attack with Charge Drive. Useable after Charge Drive, this skill has a fixed chance to instantly kill an enemy. Along with this, Charge Drive receives a passive damage increase from this skill. Prerequisite: Final Shot Level 5.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: Passive Effect: Charge Drive Damage: +30%

Active Effect: MP Cost: 32, Damage: 150% x 4, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Instant Death Chance: 15%

Elemental Knights.png Elemental Knight

Description: Summon a spirit to fight for you. The spirits will attack the same monster as the user until that monster has died, and will then stop.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 60, Damage: 120%, Max Spirits summoned: 3, Duration: 180 sec

Skills - Fourth Job

Ishtar's Ring.png Ring of Ishtar

Description: Borrow the power of the legendary weapon Ishtar to rapidly fire arrows. Holding down the attacking key will rapidly fire arrows. While doing this, it is possible to move slowly by pressing the direction keys. Prerequisite: Level 20 Strike Dualshot.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 10, Damage: 220%

Spikes Royale.png Legendary Spear

Description: Jump and simultaneously summon the Legendary Spear, attacking enemies in front of you with a throw. Monsters hit will have their defense decreased. This skill has 100% Critical Hit Rate. Prerequisite: Level 10 Leaf Tornado..
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 60, Damage: 572% x 2, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Defense Reduced: 20%, Duration: 15 sec Cooldown Time: 5 sec

File:Multi Sniping.png Multi Sniping

Description: Using both Dual Bowguns, snipe two enemies in front of you, causing instant death. Boss monsters are unaffected by the instant death effect, and instead take a fatal amount of damage.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: MP Cost: 50, Instantly kills 2 Regular Monsters, Damage to Boss Monsters: 1200% x 4, Cooldown Time: 10 sec

Ancient Warding.png Ancient Spirit

Description: Receive the Ancient Spirit’s blessings, increasing Damage, Critical Hit Rate, and passively improving Ignis Lore’s Evasion rate.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: Passive Effect: Ignis Lore’s Evasion Rate +20%

Active Effect: MP Cost: 80, Damage: +30%, Critical Hit Rate: +15%, Duration: 210 sec

Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior
Description: Increases the stats of all party members.
Master Level: 30

  • Lv. 1: MP Cost: 10, All Stats: +1%, Duration: 30 sec
  • Lv. 10: MP Cost: 30, All Stats: +5%, Duration: 300 sec
  • Lv. 20: MP Cost: 50, All Stats: +10%, Duration: 600 sec
  • Lv. 30: MP Cost: 70, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec

Hero's Will.png Awakening/Hero's Will
Description: Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.
Master Level: 5

  • Lv. 1: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 600 sec
  • Lv. 3: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 480 sec
  • Lv. 5: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 360 sec

Dual Bowguns Expert.png Dual Bowgun Expert

Description: Increases Dual Bowgun Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. Prerequisite: Dual Bowgun Mastery Level 20.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: Dual Bowgun Mastery: +70%, Weapon ATT: +30, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%

Defense Break.png Defense Break

Description: When attacking, there is a chance to ignore all of a monster’s defense. This applies equally to Boss Monsters.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: 30% chance to ignore 100% of a monster’s defense

Aerial Barrage.png High Kick Demolition

Description: After knocking a monster into the air with Charge Drive, attacking with blindly speed in midair. Prerequisite: Lightning Flare Level 15.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: Passive Effect: Charge Drive Damage +50%

Active Effect: MP Cost: 22, Damage: 147% x 6, Max Monsters Hit: 8

Advanced Final Attack.png Advanced Final Attack.

Description: Permanently increase weapon attack and accuracy, as well as Final Attack’s activation rate and damage. Prerequisite: Final Attack Level 20.
Master Level: ?

  • Level ^: Weapon ATT: +20, Accuracy: +10%, Proc Rate: 70%, Damage: 210%

Penis Mount

Like all the other, Mercedes will also get a mount, but a higher level. Her mount is a Giant Penis, which she obtains at level 70. At level 120, the Penis grows.

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