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*Defeat the Thief Crow.
*Defeat the Thief Crow.
*Talk to the Yeti again.
*Talk to the Yeti again.
*Open up the [[Maker Skill|Maker skill]]. You will need 1 [[Dark Crystal]] , 3 [[Diamond Ore|Diamond Ores]] and 3 [[Garnet Ore|Garnet Ores]]. (Obtain the Maker skill by completing the quest [[Meren's New Discovery]])
*Head back to Rien and talk to Maha.
*Head back to Rien and talk to Maha.
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*Mesos Required: 10,000,000
*Mesos Required: 10,000,000
*Items required:  
*Items required:  
**50 [[Freezer (Aqua Road)|Seal Meats]]
**50 [[Seacle (Aqua Road)|Sea Horse Tail]]
**50 [[Jr. Yeti (Monster)|Jr. Yeti's Skins]]
**Wolf Cub Vitamins from [[Kenta]] of [[Aqua Road]] (10,000,000 Mesos)
**Wolf Saddle (Exchange the [[Freezer (Aqua Road)|Seal Meats]], [[Jr. Yeti (Monster)|Jr. Yeti's Skins]] and 10,000,000 for this)
**50 [[Jr. Yeti (Monster)|Jr. Yeti's Skins]] for the quest to get the Wolf Saddle.
'''Lv. 100 Werewolf'''
'''Lv. 100 Werewolf'''
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**100 [[Squid|Ink Bottles]]
**100 [[Squid|Ink Bottles]]
**100 [[Risell Squid|Butter-Toasted Squids]]
**100 [[Risell Squid|Butter-Toasted Squids]]
**Kenta's Puberty Wolf Vitamins (Yes, 40,000,000 mesos just for this. Kenta is a rip-off...)
**Kenta's Puberty Wolf Vitamins from [[Kenta]] of [[Aqua Road]](40,000,000 Mesos)
**The Lv. 50 Werewolf mount
**The Lv. 50 Werewolf mount
**Wolf Saddle
**Wolf Saddle
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**500 [[Red Wyvern|Wyvern Wings]]
**500 [[Red Wyvern|Wyvern Wings]]
**500 [[Cold Shark|Frozen Shark's Fins]]
**500 [[Cold Shark|Frozen Shark's Fins]]
**Wolf Fang (Now go get ripped-off by Kenta again, this time double the price)
**Wolf Fang from [[Kenta]] of [[Aqua Road]](80,000,000 Mesos)
**The Lv. 100 Werewolf mount
**The Lv. 100 Werewolf mount
**Wolf Saddle
**Wolf Saddle
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*Jump: 120
*Jump: 120
*Mesos Required:  
*Mesos Required: None
*Items required:  
*Items required:  
**The Lv. 150 Werewolf mount
**The Lv. 150 Werewolf mount
**Wolf Saddle
**Wolf Saddle
(Sorry! Lack on info on Lv. 200 mounts due to lack of lv. 200 Arans. Please add)

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NOTE: This page may contain outdated or incomplete information due to the Chaos Update. Please update the article and remove this banner.


Aran, the hero of the story.

The Aran is referred as a singular hero/heroine existing in the Maple World, but this does not mean that only one Aran character can ever be created. This is simply plot significance.

Aran was a hero/heroine of the past who fought for the Maple World against the Black Magician. Just before defeating the Black Magician along with the other heroes of Maple, the Black Magician used a last resort and put a curse on Aran that froze him/her in ice for a century. Thus, he/she forgot their memories and abilities. Aran soon finds out that the Black Magician will come back to the Maple World very soon and is determined to defeat the Black Magician once and for all.

If you create an Aran, the new character will have a default tan skin. An Aran character starts in a flashback of the Aran's memories, where Aran is level 200 and possesses the legendary polearm, Maha. Aran has to help the people of Ossyria escape to Victoria (This explains what happened before the events at Altair Camp in Elin Forest). Aran awakes to find himself/herself in a tent and goes outside. Upon going outside, the setting resembles the Dragon's Forest in Minar, as well as having the same BGM as the map, as everything is ablaze. The refugees are lined up to board the boat that will let them flee from the tyrannical reign of the Black Mage. Athena, who is at the entrance of the boat, checks off the names of the passengers, a family notices a child is missing and the crowd starts to panic. Aran then resolves to find the child and goes back to find him. Being level 200 at the time, the Cornians and Skelegons in Aran's way will be used as tutorial material for introducing the Aran class' Combo Mechanic. After rescuing the child and returning him back to the ship, the Aran tells Athena to leave without him/her and decides to help the other Maple Heroes in the final stand against the Dark Magician.

After Aran is cursed and sealed in ice as mentioned before, your Aran character truly starts when he/she is awakened by Lilin, a girl with a soft voice and long cyan-colored hair. The setting of the Aran's awakening is Rien, A cold climate much like El Nath, the reason for its cold climate amongst warmer places like Victoria would be the expansion of the Black Magician's curse which froze Aran. It is located off the coast of Lith Harbor and that is how Rien is reached. Arans are similar to warriors in their close-ranged attack prospect and the equipment they can use. Like a Cygnus Knight, in the selecting character screen there will be a bamboo-themed banner behind the character, identifying it as an Aran.

Example of the Combo System.

To make the Arans even more unique, they have a game mechanic that no other class gets to use: the Combo System. If the character has a polearm equipped they are able to increase their combo counter by continuously hitting monsters. As their combo counter increases, so does their damage, defense and movement speed. The Aran's strongest skills can be utilized by building up the Combo Counter and then utilizing the Combo Counts. Aran-type characters are extremely powerful and amazing mobbers as all their attacks hit multiple monsters.


There are many skills that needs a certain amount of combos to use that particular skill. There are many many passive skills in that case, passive skills are usually the one that you can't put it onto a keyboard. The skills are very very useful as they attack up to 12 monsters and have HUGE range. The Aran lacks party skills, however, the only one being Combo Barrier.

Aran skills including their normal attack (hits a few enemies, increases with character growth) and double/triple swing (12 enemies) will divide the damage more or less unevenly between monsters, so that about 1000 damage (for example) on 5 monsters will hit for 100-400 damage per monster, but the total will still be about 1000--however, evidence shows that there is a slight increase by percentage of total damage for the number of monsters hit. This is not the case for skills such as Combo Smash/Peril/Tempest, which will count hits individually and not split the damage. The latter set of skills also have no MP cost, the only tradeoff for which is that using them cuts the combo count back down to 0. For this reason, the combo-requiring attack skills of Arans tend to be considered quite overpowered (In GMS, Combo Smash does the most damage of any skill in any job at level 50, potentially breaking 5000 damage per hit at level 1 easily).

In the Chaos Update, Aran is greeted with four new skills: Combo Recharge, Combo Judgement, Cleaving Blows and the Sudden Strike.

In the Legend Update (Demon Slayer), Aran is again greeted with new skills and changes:

New Skills

  • Physical Training ( Permanently adds 30 Str and Dex at max level of 10)
  • Might (Replacing Smart Knockback, same effect at max level of 20, but adds 25 weapon attack and 215 weapon and magic defense)
  • Regained Memory: A skill obtained through the Silent Crusader (Cross Hunter in KMS) chain quest. Permanently adds 10 weapon attack, 300 defense (weapon and magic), speed +10%, critical rate +5%, and 5% more damage on bosses.

First Job:

  • Combo Ability now increases speed by 3% every 10 combos.
  • Combat Step delay has been decreased, now adds 20% speed at max level

Second Job:

  • Final Charge range has again been increased, max level decreased to 10.
  • Combo Drain buff duration doubled to 240 sec.

Third Job:

  • Combo Critical now adds max critical damage of 20%.
  • Rolling Spin now does attacks 110% 4 times
  • Cleaving Attack monster defense ignored increased to 25%. Damage distribution reduction was increased to 75%.
  • Combo Judgement changed to hit 500% 3 times instead of one massive 1500% at max.

Fourth Job:


  • The buffing combo skills are always ↓ + ↓ + Attack Key
  • The attacking combo skills are ↓ + Direction + Attack Key

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Combo Ability.png Combo Ability Gain increased ATT, DEF, and Speed for every 10 Combo Count. Passive 10 Lv. 10 Double Swing
Double Swing.png Double Swing Press the attack key twice to deal a double attack on up to 8 enemies Active 20 -
Combat Step.png Combat Step Press a direction key twice to quickly move a short distance. Additionally has a passive effect which permanently increases the movement speed and the supremum of maximum movement speed. Supportive 5 Lv. 5 Double Swing
Polearm Booster.png Polearm Booster Triples the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a polearm equipped. Supportive 20 Lv. 5 Combat Step
Combo Smash.png Combo Smash Uses the polearm to fire a burst of energy at enemies in front of you. Active 10 Lv. 1 Combo Ability

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Polearm Mastery (Aran).png Polearm Mastery Increases the weapon mastery, accuracy, and speed of polearms. Passive 10 Lv. 3 Triple Swing
Triple Swing.png Triple Swing Press the attack key three times to deal a triple attack on up to 8 enemies. Active 20 Lv. 20 Double Swing
Final Charge.png Final Charge Charge forward, knocking back enemies in your path. Can only be activated after using Triple Swing. Has a chance to stun enemies. Active 10 Lv. 20 Triple Swing
Combo Fenrir.png Combo Fenrir Throw a polearm that penetrates a certain amount of monsters in the direction you are facing Active 10 Lv. 1 Combo Ability
Combo Drain.png Combo Drain Activates a buff that absorbs a portion of damage received as HP. Can only absorb up to 20% of your Max HP. Active 10 Lv. 1 Combo Ability
Body Pressure.png Body Pressure Temporarily enables Body Attacks on enemies. Attacked enemies may be Stunned for 5 seconds. Supportive 5 -
Final Attack.gif Final Attack Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Must have a polearm equipped. Passive 20 Level 3 Polearm Mastery
Snow Charge.png Snow Charge Permanently increases damage and infuses your polearm with ice for a certain amount of time. Supportive 10 -
Physical Training.png Physical Training Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training. Passive 5 -

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Combo Critical.png Combo Critical Increases your Critical Hit Rate and Critical Maximum Damage. Each time yout Combo Count increases by 10, your Critical Hit Rate will also increase. Passive 10 Lv. 10 Combo Ability
Final Toss.png Final Toss Lifts multiples enemies in front of you into the air. Airborne enemies take more damage. Active 30 Lv. 20 Triple Swing
Combo Recharge.png Combo Recharge Consumes HP and MP to instantly boost Combo Count. Cannot be used when HP is below 50%. Active 10 -
Rolling Spin.png Rolling Spin Jump in place and attack surrounding enemies. Has a chance to stun targets. Active 20 -
Full Swing.png Full Swing Increases the damage of Double Swing, Triple Swing, and Combo Smash. Active 10 Lv. 20 Triple Swing
Might.png Might Temporarily increases ATT and DEF and allows you to knock-back enemies even when only a small amount of damage is dealt. Supportive 20 -
Cleaving Blows.png Cleaving Blows Ignores a portion of a monster's defense and allows you to deal additional damage to boss monsters. Passive 10 -
Maha Blessing.png Maha Blessing Increases party members' Attack with the blessings of Maha, the spirit of the polearm. Supportive 10 -
Combo Judgment.png Combo Judgment Drops a giant axe of judgment on the enemies. Has a chance to freeze, and frozen enemies will receive damage over time. Active 20 Lv. 10 Combo Fenrir

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
High Mastery.png High Mastery Maxes out Polearm Mastery while increasing Minimum Critical Damage and Weapon Attack. Passive 20 x Lv. 10 Polearm Mastery
High Defense.png High Defense A new defense technique that permanently decreases damage received from enemies and increases HP. Passive 20 x -
Final Blow.png Final Blow Swings the polearm to deal a powerful attack on many enemies. The attack ignores a fixed about of enemy DEF and all attacks will become critical hits. Can only be used after using Triple Swing. Active 30 x Lv. 20 Triple Swing
Advanced Final Attack.png Advanced Final Attack Permanently increases ATT and Accuracy. Greatly increases the damage and activation rate of your Final Attack. Passive 30 x Level 20 Final Attack
Combo Tempest.png Combo Tempest Freezes the enemy to make them vulnerable to damage. Inflicts high damage against boss monsters up to 4 consecutive times. In addition, damage of Combo Judgment will increase permanently. Can only be used when Combo Count reaches 200. Active 30 x Lv. 20 Combo Judgement
Combo Barrier.png Combo Barrier Casts a party buff that temporarily decreases damage taken and increases defense. Supportive 30 x Lv. 10 Combo Drain
Overswing.png Over Swing Maxes out the damage of Double Swing, Triple Swing and Combo Fenrir. Active 30 x Lv. 10 Full Swing
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior Increases the stats of all party members. Supportive 30 x -
Freeze Standing.png Freeze Standing Uses the power of Ice to hold your ground when struck, enabling you to resist being knocked back. Supportive 20 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases. Supportive 5 x -
Sudden Strike.png Sudden Strike Allows the use of Final Charge and Final Toss without a preceding combo, and increases damage. Passive 10 x -

Advancing to 1st Job

  • You need to be at least Level 10.
  • Start the quest The Five Heroes with Lirin.
  • Click on the Giant Pole Arm found above a group of penguins next to Lirin.
  • Advance to 1st job.

Advancing to 2nd Job

Advancing to 3rd job

  • You need to be at least Level 70.
  • Talk to Maha in Rien.
  • Head over to Penguin Port, the place where the boat is located, and defeat Thief Crow.
  • Head back to Rien and talk to Maha.
  • Talk to Lirin.
  • Head to the Cave of Mirrors, which is the last map to the left.
  • Talk to the Yeti there.
  • Defeat the Thief Crow.
  • Talk to the Yeti again.
  • Head back to Rien and talk to Maha.

Advancing to 4th job

  • You need to be at least Level 120.
  • Talk to Lirin in Rien.
  • Talk to Maha and Maha will turn berserk.
  • Defeat Maha's berserk form.
  • Talk to Maha again.


Making the Arans even more unique, they gain access to a wolf mount at level 50. So far these are the most expensive mounts in the game, so if this is your main, it would be wise to start saving.

Lv. 50 Werewolf

Lv. 100 Werewolf

Lv. 150 Werewolf

Lv. 200 Werewolf

  • Speed: 200
  • Jump: 120
  • Quest:
  • Mesos Required: None
  • Items required:
    • The Lv. 150 Werewolf mount
    • Wolf Saddle

Grats! Now you are Lv. 200 with the Lv. 200 mount. You are now a TRUE ARAN!!!

Release Dates

  • KMS: July 9, 2009
  • MSEA: November 18, 2009
  • GMS: December 9, 2009
  • EMS: July 14, 2010
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