Aqua Road

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Aqua Road is connected to the bottom of Orbis Tower. It contains many sea creature monsters. Characters recieve damage in the water without a source of air. This problem can be resolved by completing a level 35 quest which gives you an Oxygen Tank (Used like a cape), or using an Air Bubble, which lasts for 15 minutes. Some items can only be found by dropping from Aqua Road monsters. There will also be new cape found through a quest, which are numbered from lvls 1-95.

It has a zoo that displays a Jr. Balrog and other powerful creatures. If you are bored, there is "shopping centre"(mall). In it are the armour and potion shops.

A recent patch allows players to access the Aqua Dungeon which has monsters like Shark (level 100) and Cold Shark (level 102). The boss of the area is the Doom Flounder, or 'Pianus', as it is called in MapleGlobal (level 110). This monster can summon Bloodboom (level 75). In addition to summoning, it can shoot a huge laser, drop boxes from the top, shoot beams from the ground, and can activate Super Defense UP, which decreases melee and ranged attack damages to 1 penis Krip (level 30) Mask Fish (level 32) Scuba Pepe (level 36) Jr. Seal (level 36)

and plenty more. However, because this area is located in Ossyria, there is no map to show (excluding Mini-map). If you plan to come here, have a good level poison skill(s) and make sure your lv30+.

Aqua Road is now in every version of Maplestory except Maple Europe. It is a Connection to the Korean Folk Town (Not released in Maple Global or Maple SEA)