Ant Tunnel I

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NOTE: The subject of this article has been removed from the game by the Big Bang.
Dungeon Ant Tunnel I.png

Bluedot.gif - Sleepywood
Reddot.gif - Ant Tunnel II



  • Ant Tunnel I was the first area of the Dungeon located next to Sleepywood. Highly populated with Zombie Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms. It consisted of 3 "chambers", each connected with a vertical drop and 3 platforms. The first had a high spawn rate of Horny Mushrooms; the second and third a combination of Zombie and Horny Mushrooms.
  • A Jr Balrog spawned as part of the fake boss events. It was very weak; a level 25 character should have been able to win easily.
  • The Zombie Mushrooms provided 42 EXP, the Horny Mushrooms 35 EXP. Magicians who had maxed out their Magic Claw should have been able to one-hit KO the Horny Mushrooms, and the Zombie Mushrooms would be two-hit KOs. This was also an excellent training site for Bowmen and Thieves due to their ranged attacks; Warriors with good armor should have been able to level here as well; however, it was harder.