Ant Tunnel

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NOTE: The subject of this article has been removed from the game by the Big Bang.

Ant tunnel is a place where maplers of all levels go to train. It is part of the Sleepywood Dungeon. Deep inside the ant tunnels lives two major bosses: Zombie Mushmom and Jr. Balrog. The monsters that are most present inside the ant tunnel are Zombie Mushroom and Horny Mushroom in the first few maps, Evil Eye through the Evil Eye Caves, and then a mix of different Drakes, Wild Kargos, and Tauromacis, Taurospear, and eventually the boss, Jr. Balrog. There is also a minor boss, Zombie Mushmom.

The Ant Tunnel has since been removed by the Big Bang.


Some Tips for When Training in Ant Tunnel

Here are some tips to use when training in ant tunnel.

  • Bring lots of pots or other HP/MP restoratives. Ant tunnel is huge and the items in the 24Hour store are generally more exspensive then the items in the Sleepywood Hotel.
  • Return scrolls are also great to have if you don't want to have to pay several thousand more mesos to buy the scroll then you would from the store.
  • If you're on one of the Danger!<insert monster name here> quests, there usually plenty of willing parties on the first few channels.
  • If you need a few Charms of the Dead or Horny Mushroom Caps, the ground is almost always covered by them on the first few channels.