Angelic Buster Bloody Boom

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Angelic Buster Bloody Boom
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Event item
Set item
Type Soul Shooter
No. of Slots 8
Class Pirate
Used By Only Angelic Buster
Level 120
Attack Speed Fast
Weapon Attack +89
STR +4
DEX +8

Set Bonus

The items in the set are:

Angelic Buster Mystic Face Accessory

Angelic Buster Fervent Gear

Angelic Buster Mystic Eye Accessory

Angelic Buster Mystic Earrings

Angelic Buster Fervent Mail

Angelic Buster Fervent Boots

Angelic Buster Fervent Gauntlets

Angelic Buster Fervent Cape

Angelic Buster Imperial Ring

Angelic Buster Mystic Pendant

Angelic Buster Imperial Belt

Angelic Buster Imperial Shoulder

Angelic Buster Bloody Boom

Angelic Buster Soul Shooters
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Levels 1-30
Purple Haze - Pink Haze
Levels 31-70
Chaos Pink Haze - King Pepe Pink Haze - Purple Hatchling - Jade Hatchling - Chaos Jade Hatchling - Pink Wormhead - Xerxes's Pink Wormhead
Levels 71-120
Jade Worm - Tempest Soul Shooter - Balrog's Red Wormhead - Red Wormhead - Balrog's Jade Wormhead - Jade Wormhead - Chaos Jade Wormhead - Green Dragon Soul - Dragonic Jade Worm - Iron Dragon - Angelic Buster Bloody Boom - Cora Von Leon White Worm - Mer Von Leon White Worm - Necro Purple Dragon - Reverse Purple Dragon - Timeless Purple Dragon
Levels 121+
Abyss Purple Dragon - Fearless Purple Dragon - Grand Vepar Bloody Moon - Imperial Moon - Vepar Bloody Moon - Loveless Purple Dragon - Shark Tooth Soul Drinker