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Type Bow
No. of Slots 7
Class Bowman
Level 10
STR 10
DEX 40
Attack Speed Normal
Weapon Attack +30
Rate of Knockback 15%
Avoidability +2
Speed +1

NPC Price

  • Cannot be sold.


"The Akha is a Taru Bow, like the one Corine wields, in its most basic form. It is crafted from the Gobo tree found deep in the Krakian Jungle, which is sacred to the Jungle Spirit. The wood from the Gobo tree is so hard and resilient that even sharpened stone cannot cut thought it. Before a Taru bowman could begin crafting an Akha from Gobo wood, he would first have to "persuade" the wood to work with him though prayers to the Jungle Spirit, only then, would the wood allow itself to be shaped. If you find favor with the Jungle Spirit and come into possession of a Spirit Feather, Corine can send you on a Spirit Quest to allow your Akha to attain its more powerful Akhasuma form, and then ultimately its Akhamagna form."


  • ITCG Set 3

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