4th Job Advancement Guide

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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Here is a guide on 4th Job Advancement. All credit goes to MapleWiki. I am just trying to gather and summarise what they are saying into 1 spot.

4th Job Advancement

I heard that you can still save up points for 4th job, means that when you are 130, you would probably get an extra of 30 SP when you made your 4th job advancement. So some of you shouldn't be worried, but it hasn't been proven otherwise like what happened before 3rd job was released.

The link is ONLY for skills and a few things, I will load on how to do the 4th job advancement once I confirmed the others. Here are the job instructors' names.


  • Level 120 and above
  • You should be a 3rd jobber.
  • Skill points till 120 fully added.


  1. Speak to the respective 3rd job instructor in El Nath to get a Recommendation Letter for 4th job advancement.
  2. Bring the Recommendation to your respective 4th job instructor in Forest of Priest (Leafre) for acknowledgement.
  3. Now, prove to the Instructor that you have what it takes for the 4th job advancement by getting the Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon.
  4. You may hunt Manon and Griffey for the respective items.
  5. Alternatively, head to Eos Tower 44th Floor to get a Secret Letter of Spell at 10 million mesos. After which, look for Chief Tatamo of leafre. Talk to him.
  6. When you are ready with the required items, go to your 4th job instructor to make your job advancement.

Due to ascension patch, the secret spell scroll is not usable for 4th job advancement. (you can still buy the scroll, when you give it to chief tomato , instead of getting the two items , you get 10 million meso back instead)


  • 3 Skill Points
  • 5 Ability Points
  • Maple Hero Skill Book
  • 4th Job Skills


To the people who created this wonderful guides to share it out, do not mistake me, I just spotted it and gathering it into 1 spot. A very special thanks to those who helped me, I finished the 2nd Job Advancement guide already! But if you all suggest on another topic I should gather, I would try to add it in! Thanks to the MapleSEA Website for info on 4th Job Advancement.