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A 2x EXP Card is a card available for purchase in the Cash Shop. There are Three colors the cards may be. They are yellow, blue, and red, which correspond to different days of the week (weekdays, weekends, and everyday, respectively). The cards are also subdivided by type, which can be any number from 1 to 8. Each type corresponds to a certain time frame.

  • Type 1 - 7am to 11am
  • Type 2 - 10am to 2pm
  • Type 3 - 1pm to 5pm
  • Type 4 - 4pm to 8pm
  • Type 5 - 7pm to 11pm
  • Type 6 - 12am to 4am
  • Type 7 - 3am to 7am
  • Type 8 - 6am to 10am

NOTE: Times are PST.

The red (everyday) card types have two varieties: a 10 day version and a 30 day version. There is also a (pink) single-use, 4-hour special coupon.

As of the Big Bang update, 2x EXP cards have been removed because of the EXP change. Sometimes Nexon will sell them in an event.