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This is a guide to making a successful beginner in 2010. In short, a recent guide for those of you who are serious about beginners. This includes the best possible equipment, training spots for levels, and strategies for dealing with the troubles being a beginner brings. This is a collaborative effort to write the most complete beginner guide out there. Feel free to write and edit, even leave your user name if you'd like your credit.

New Class Types

Since the release of the recent patches, new beginner type jobs have surfaced and gained their own rankings. These jobs are known as Legend, Noblesse and Evanginner. These are the no job versions for Arans and Cygnus Knights, as well as a glitched no dragon Evan. They use the same equipment as beginners, but have thier own play style and uses. Most of the basic beginner priciples can be applied to these jobs too. These differences are explained here.

Legend (Quoted from smartguy11 of Basil Market)

Legends (Arans) –Arans also get their mounts 20 levels earlier than Explorers, and don’t have the Cygnus Knights’ premature level cap. Plus, their normal attack can hit multiple monsters (the number of monsters depends on your level). Arans are great for people who plan to go farther than level 70, but don’t want the difficulty of training an Explorer.

Noblesse (Quoted from smartguy11 of Basil Market)

Noblesses (Cygnus Knights) offer two key advantages over Explorers: they can get their mount 20 levels earlier, and they receive 6 ability points per level instead of 5 (until level 70, when they start receiving 4 ability points a level). Cygnus Knights have a level cap of 120, but since most permanent beginners won’t ever reach that level, they’re a good choice for casual players.

Evanginner (Quoted by GunDelHel of Basil Market)

"Evan-ginners" are Evans that have been smuggled off of the farm before they ever get the egg. Their class still reads "Evan", however their data labels them as Beginners. They are virtually carbon copies of Explorer Beginners, in that they (probably) won't get a mount or have any certain ability special to them.

Different Beginner Builds

Being a beginner doesn't have to be boring. There are many different things your beginner can specialize in. You should decide what yours will be before you even start. Feel free to add different builds as you come across them in similar format to these below.

Classic Unfunded Beginner

The unfunded beginner needs to rely on Dex a bit more than other beginners for an accuracy boost. Similar to warriors, these beginners keep their Dex at double their level and put the rest on Str.

Classic Funded Beginner

Funded beginners can usually make up for low accuracy with Dex/WA equipment. They should keep their Dex at double their level, minus their Dex boost from their equipment until level 120. The rest of your points go towards stregnth

HP Beginner

These beginners focus on HP, usually attempting to reach a certain goal. Stat points are spent purely on HP, or occasionally on Str. Leveling up is hard for these ones so Party Quests are quite reccomended.

STR Beginner

Beginners that focus on Strength for W ATT.... simple enough? Islander

Islanders are beginners who stayed on Maple Island and never left, leveling on pigs and other weaker monsters. Leveling on Maple Island is alot harder than Victoria and training there takes a lot of dedication. Commonly there are two main types of Islanders since the explorer tutorial chancing patch. Pure Str Islanders only put up Str, because accuracy is not needed on island. Dex Islanders put up Dex only in an attempt to reach 75 minimum damage. At 75 minimum damage they can 1 hit every monster on Maple Island. Modern islanders stay in specific stages of Mai's Training quest, not turning in for the reward. This is so that they can kill different types of monsters for different drops. Equipment is alot more expensive and rare on Maple Island.

Camper (Quoted by GunDelHel of Basil Market)

Campers are Islanders that choose to stay in one map. The map itself is different between each of the four styles of Beginner but virtually you're at the spot of your beginning-area where you first get to fight "Tutorial enemies". The enemy varies between Level 1 Three Snails and Max Nimble Feet is recommended. Skill builds can virtually go all over the place thanks to your enemies being so weak--MP Camper is the best choice as slinging shells will be the preferred method of grinding.

Best Possible Damage Equipment

For the best damage and easier training, this is the best set of equipment for your beginner. This serves as a good checklist for the equipment you might strive for.

Minimum Level Requirement For Best Set: 120

Head: Scarlion Hat.png Scarlion Helmet (STR) (Lvl 80) - As a beginner, the only way to obtain one is buying, and they are quite expensive.

Eye Acc: Dragon Glasses (Lvl 30) - A pair of Dragon Glasses was obtainable by reaching at least level 30 on an Evan character during the Evan Launch events. They are only transferable in that same account and world so you must have made your Evan in the same world as your beginner. These glasses are only the best, if scrolled with higher stats than Broken Glasses, or with weapon attack. Broken Glassess with higher Dex and Str are a good substitute if you missed the Evan event.

Pendant: Horntail.gif Horntail Necklace (Lvl 120) - As a non HP beginner, the only way to obtain one is buying, and they are quite expensive.


Pendant: MarkOfNaricain.png Mark Of Naricain (Lvl 110) - Was previously obtainable, but ever since a recent patch, has been unobtainable.

Belt: Witchs Deep Purple Belt (Lvl 85) - As a beginner, the only way to obtain one is buying, and they are quite expensive.


Belt: Pharaoh Belt.gif The Immortal Pharaoh Belt (Lvl 80) - Obtained through Monster Survival (Nett's Pyramid) (Hell Mode Only), or brought at the FM.

Shoes: Red Christmas Sock (Lvl 10) - Since the event is over, the only way to aquire one is through buying.


Shoes: Facestompers.gif Facestompers (Lvl 50) - Can be forged if you find all the iTCG codes necessary to obtain the items needed to forge. Theses cards are nearly impossible to find now, but they can be obtained in this fashion. If finding the codes would be too hard for you, they can also be brought in the FM.

Gloves: Stormcaster.gif Stormcaster Gloves (Lvl 50) - Since creation of these gloves is unrealistic with the end of the Maplestory ITCG set #1, they can be brought in MTS or the FM. It would be best if they are scrolled with weapon attack.


Gloves: Workglove.png Work Gloves (Lvl 10) - Can be easily created by JM from the Streetz with 15 Leather. May also be dropped by Stirge or Desert Rabbit (F). You can use any colour of work glove, but it would be best if they are scrolled with weapon attack.


Gloves: Mushking Leather Glove.png Mushking Leather Glove (Lvl 35) - Can easily be aquired as a reward from the Mushroom Kingdom quests. It would be best if they are scrolled with weapon attack.

Ring 1: Ring 1.PNG Lilin's Ring 3 (Lvl 10) - Obtain a Lilin's Ring 3 by reaching level 70 on an Aran character within the same world and account as your beginner.

Ring 2: Ancient strength.PNG Circle Of Ancient Strength (Lvl 20) - Created using items gained from the Miwok Gachapon event. If you were unable to obtain one from the event, they can also be brought in the FM.

Ring 3: Ancient strength.PNG Circle Of Ancient Strength (Lvl 20) - Created using items gained from the Miwok Gachapon event. If you were unable to obtain one from the event, they can also be brought in the FM.

Ring 4: Ancient strength.PNG Circle Of Ancient Strength (Lvl 20) - Created using items gained from the Miwok Gachapon event. If you were unable to obtain one from the event, they can also be brought in the FM.

Earrings: Shining Altair Earrings (Lvl 55) - Obtained at Ellin PQ, and occasionally in the FM.

Overall: Cloud Robe (Lvl 37) - Originally obtained via the Gaga's Crayon Quest during the Evan Launch, It has the best clean stats for any Overall. Recommend scrolling it with Dex. It can be brought in the FM if you missed the event, although it is uncommon. If you can't get your hands on one of these, any other Dex scrolled overall will work.

Cape: Pink Gaia Cape (Lvl 60) - Information missing.

Weapon: Crimson Arcglaive.png Crimson Arcglaive (Lvl 100, 80 Dex) - Obtainable made by forging a multitude of rare items through Fiona, in Phantom Forest.


Weapon: Ski Ski (Lvl 85) - More information needed.

Level 1 Victoria Beginners

Ever since the beginning of Maple Story, people have made characters with no intent of leveling up. Most likely these people expect to gain or lose mass amounts of fame and dress these level 1 characters in as much expensive gear as possible. Some rarer untradable or one of a kind equipment can be obtained with these characters, and I will cover all of those here.

Maple Hat.png Maple Hat (1) (Lvl 0) - Maple Anniversary Events 2008 - 2010

5th Anniversary Giant Cake Hat (Lvl 0) - Maple Anniversary Events 2010

Versalmas Hat.png Versalmas Hat (Lvl 0) - Obtained from Happy Versalmas to You, in the 2008 Christmas Event

Maplemas Hat.png Maplemas Hat (Lvl 0) - Obtained from A Very Merry Maplemas, in the 2008 Christmas Event

Best Equipment For Level 1 Beginners

These are the best equipments a level 1 can wield.

Minimum Level Requirement For Best Set: 0

Head: Maple Bandana Blue.png Maple Bandana Blue (Lvl 0) - Very expensive and rare. Probably the most pro level 0 hat you'll find. The Blue Maple Bandana.png Blue Maple Bandana (Lvl 0) is also just about as rare and probably more common.

Shoes: Starting Shoes (Lvl 0) - The shoes your character starts out with.

Overall: Groomsman and Bridesmaid Clothes (Lvl 0) - Simply for looks. No stats, but its something different for people who want it.

Top: Starting Top (Lvl 0) - The top your character starts out with.

Bottom: Starting Bottoms (Lvl 0) - The bottoms your character starts out with.

Weapon: Starsandstripes.gif The Stars and Stripes (Lvl 0) - Was originally obtainable through Summer Break: Cody's BBQ and Independence Day : Alien Invasion. This flag is the strongest level 0 weapon in Maple Story. If you weren't there for the event, these flags are commonly sold in the FM and MTS.

Best Beginner Training Spots

These are the recommended spots to grind. Feel free too add new spots as they appear.

Lvl 1 - 5

Best training spots are...

Lvl 5 - 10

Best training spots are...

Lvl 10 - 19

Best training spots are...

Lvl 20 - 29

Best training spots are...

Lvl 30 - 35

Best training spots are...

Lvl 35 - 39

Best training spots are...

Lvl 40 - 47

Best training spots are...

  • Vanity Room [2] (Haunted Mansion)
  • Anywhere with Sand Rats

Lvl 47+

Some good monsters to train on are...

Lvl 50+

Best monster to train on at this level is...

Lvl 65+

~Quoted by Allysaur~

Alyssaur: A few suggestions on what to train on at 65-70+...

Just from my experience and personal opinion, Nightmares are the absolute best thing to train on.

Depending on where my adventures take me I usually have access to the Mushroom Shrine. There, Paper Lanterns and Dark Cloud Foxes work well. But slurp-slurping of the Lantern gets on my nerves, so I try to stay away from them.

Umm.. Wraiths and Iron Boars are decent depending how high your speed, damage and defense is.

They may not be the best, but I actually really like the monsters at Florina Beach. It is always dead though, so if you're the type who likes to be noticed it's probably not too appealing. Now there is the King Clang boss. He's really beginner friendly and fun to smack around.

What else.. Jars and Ginsing Jars in Herbtown are great. Pretty easy to work around the map and the spawn is really good. It still takes me more than a few hits to knock one out, but I'm sure everyone is used to that by now.

In Mu Lung the Red and Blue Flower Serpents are just okay. They're death sound isn't enough to keep me interested for long, though.

I was told the Panda and Grizzly maps were pretty good, since the low platforms allow you to snipe them. I found it pretty difficult to manage on my own though. The spawn at the botton just isn't enough to train effectively, so you would end up going to the floating platforms anyway, where you would be clawed to death, and that is kind of bleh. It could work better if you had a jobbed buddy, preferably a Range/Sniper, who doesnt mind raining/erupting them to death so the spawn at the bottom stays up for you. That is really a lot to ask though.

To be honest, I haven't really given anything at Showa a fair chance. I really just don't like that place.

As for the newest monsters, the bosses are simple enough an fun for the low levels. Phantom Trees are easy and Leprechauns would be seriously amazing if the maps weren't so hard to work with. Their exp. is the highest of anything I've named so far and it doesnt much matter, at least not to me, that their HP is a lot higher than Nightmares considering they don't do any moving. You just have to sit and thwack-thwack them to death They drop lots of moneys too :3 That is always good. The end.

Worthwhile Beginner Accessible Quests

In my experience, you should do every quest you can get. The exp from ANY quest is valuable since you can't lose exp. Alternatively, you can save quests for later when leveling gets tough, but I recommend jumping on any quests your level will allow simply because grinding with a beginner already takes 5 times longer than with any jobbed class.

That being said, The Rememberer's elimination quests are particularly exp heavy as are the Mushroom Kingdom quests.

Party Quest Guide

Lvl 10 - 200

Henesys Party Quest

Reccomended Level: 10 - 20

HPQ is a great way to make experience early on. Beginners can be leaders or party members. Beginners can participate in the same way anyone else would, the only difference being their low damage. Getting a party shouldn't be too hard, even for a beginner.

Lvl 21 - 30

Kerning City Party Quest

Reccomended Level: 21 - 30

KPQ is a good party quest, with a chance at a pair of rare Squishy Shoes. Commonly, beginners in thier early 20 levels are party leaders rather than members. This is because beginners can barely hurt the crocodiles in the first stage. Leaders don't have to collect passes, so its only natural that the beginner lead the party. KPQ is a good party quest for beginners because it doesn't fully revolve around fighting. Your party members will most likely take care of the monsters, so you can concentrate on getting the passes. Be a quick and smart leader or else your members might leave. If your after Squishy Shoes, stick close to the King Slime as its about to die and heal. Right when he dies make a run for the shoes. This PQ also has a chance at rewarding bamboo hats, which can prove quite useful to unfunded beginners.

Level 21 - 30

Ariant Colliseum

Reccomended Level: 21 - 30

Ariant PQ used to be a great alternative for KPQ, but the only problems are...

  • People rarely trade wins here
  • Cesars location has been moved back to Ariant, in which pretty much nobody goes too, especially at level 21.
  • Channels are pretty much empty 24 / 7 because of this

Still, if you can arrange a trade win with someone, this PQ is alot better than KPQ.

Lvl 25 - 200

Mu Lung Dojo

Reccomended Level: 30+

Mu Lung Dojo, while not being the greatest place to train, gives you an opportunity to acquire colored belts with decent stats. Being a beginner makes these belts harder to obtain. Commonly beginners will tag along in a party of slightly higher level players for points. Most people don't really want a beginner in their party which makes it hard to get one. Soloing Mano repeatedly is a slow but easy way to get a White Belt early on. If you want to obtain the Black Belt, your most likely going to need a large party of good characters to tag along with. Note that the party members must be within a 15 level difference from the leaders level.

Level 25 - 30

Kerning City Monster Cleanup

Reccomnded Level:

More information needed.

Level 30 - 50

Carnival Party Quest

Reccomended Level: 30 - 50

Carnival Party Quest, while hard for beginners in many ways, can also the best training for most classes until level 50. As a beginner you will notice that the monsters in this PQ are a bit too strong for you. With free/trade wins, you can stand up on the top platforms or go on a ladder, and you can gain good experience. For beginners, getting a party who understands to do so is frustrating, but well worth the effort. If you're having 0 luck getting a party here, it may be worth your time to complete the Mushroom Kingdom quests until level 35. From there you can go to LMPQ, where you may have more luck.

Common Beginner Hobbys

In between PQing and grinding, beginners can usually be spotted in NLC or Henesys, collecting monster cards, or questing and exploring. Since leveling takes a long time as a beginner you have lots of time to have fun and explore the cool little features of Maple Story.

Resources For Your Beginner

All Common Items

List Of Other Obscure Job Types

Top Legit Permanent Classes List