100% Scroll for Gloves for Dexterity

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"Improves accuracy on gloves." (edited by atlas3 because it doesn't add dexterity)



  • Sold for 34000 mesos by Vega.
  • Sold for 35000 mesos by Barun.


  • Some 100% Scrolls are worth nothing, as you can easily buy them from NPC Shops, however, they become useful as you can make extremely cheap equipment. For example a 5 DEX glove for only 200k using the 100% Scroll for Gloves for DEX( this is wrong, glove for dex 100% does not add dex)
  • Worth 1 meso if you sell to an NPC. (edited by atlas3 because it sounded like you could buy it for 1 meso)